About ‘Guru Cemerlang’


Frankly speaking I have never targeted to be a ‘Guru Cemerlang’, not until I went to further my studies and realize that I am losing out in my seniority when I was promoted to the graduate scale.  Also there are a lot of friends and colleagues that encourage me to apply for the post.  Therefore, I thought I might as well just give it a try.

The first time I applied (2011), I have no idea what it is actually.  I heard people telling me to get ready my files.  Well, I THOUGHT I have files.  Besides, how many of us can really say we don’t have any sort of documentations at all.  Over years, our personal files and teaching folios are just going to get thicker.

However, I would say I only finally realize the true meanings of filing for the post of a ‘Guru Cemerlang’.  Of course, thanks to my colleagues, friends and most importantly, the school.  Our school has invited a prominent educator to give all the teachers an in-house on this matter.  Through the sharing session, I think I have come to this enlightenment:

1.  ‘Guru Cemerlang’ at the 41 grade places much emphasis on sorting, categorizing resources and paperwork.  My speculation is that most probably this is the essential component to demonstrate a great role model/leader.  Documentation is vital not only to keep track of our achievements, it is a reference points for others.  Let’s just say, it probably is quite selfish if we just prepare and get ourselves to SUCCESSFULLY apply for the post.  And after we are promoted, we are reluctant or shy away in sharing information to fellow colleagues that are equally interested in making this progress in their career paths.

2.  As for Grade 44, the focus is more on innovative teaching methods.  How have you resolve in better teaching techniques that would bring a change and reform the current teaching-learning environment.  A lot of action researches are expected.  My personal take is that, ‘Guru Cemerlang’ at this stage should be experts in practical, useful and creative teaching ideas.  And they don’t just stop at ideas, but rather devise a proper formula for other teachers to apply and duplicate their ideas.

3.  For any grade greater than 48, I would say probably the spotlight is on how a ‘Guru Cemerlang’ can be the reference point to bring change in the policy, or the authority to influence other teachers to create a following.  I would like to think the ‘Guru Cemerlang’ post is in existent due to the fact to cultivate excellent working etiquettes among educators.

I am again applying this year, because I was short of one year in 2011, technically making me ineligible candidate.  Well, I’m just being gun-ho.  😀

I am spending time to sort out all my filesssssss (multiple ‘s’).  It is really not an easy task.  My advice to fellow educators is, do it right when you first start teaching.  Develop a good filing habit.  Cultivate the right attitude to document your work.  You may not feel it is significant, but the effects run far years into your future career development.  I will update on whether I am successful in being promoted or not.