About Me

I’m as real as you.  I’m only undecided whether to use my own name, or a pseudonym.  When I was searching for the domain name in my own name, the cheapest version is a .com.  I have nothing to do with commercialisation, neither do I intend to commercialise myself, so I chose the equally cheap .me of missymacy.

I am an educator, taught for 17 long years, and still counting.  I’m currently attached to District Education Office to coach English teachers.  Some of the facts about me:

  • A friend, a counsellor to secondary school teenagers
  • A fillial but rebelious daughter
  • A not-so-ideal eldest sister and noisy eldest cousin
  • An asset to the workplace due to the ability to multitask and contract everything under the sun
  • An idealist that tries hard in merging the science and the art
  • A man trapped in the woman’s mortal shell
  • A liberated soul that seeks for temporary adrenaline rush – in a rightful manner, of course
  • A follower, an assistant
  • A cheerful being and a trustworthy friend.

This blog is dedicated to all the sweat and blood of the educators.  I’ve seen many things at workplace that make me doubt the passion of an educator.  I am trying to not lose sight by jotting down all the encouraging moments, or just to fuel the passion to keep going.  However, it goes without saying that readers of this blog should feel free to disagree frequently and strongly with my opinions. All my friends do.

Faith Wong