Article in the newspaper



I'm gald to be given a chance to be called 'writer', not just writing a personal blog that I doubt that gains much attention based on the 'followers' or stat count report, but writing for newspapers that are read by real people in the real world.  I could even do it for free, well, I'm always blessed.  So no, I did get some pay.  But I would do it for FREE, seriously. 

I could only say I just have the passion for writing.  I don't know whether I have what it takes to be a writer, but I want to write.  

Sharing with you my very first newspaper feature story in The Sunday Post.  A featured story on Habitat for Humanity, an worldwide organisation that advocatesaffordable housing, promotes dignity and hope and support sustainable and transformational development.

There will be more similar writing projects to come and I'm only glad that I'm part of it.

And, there is this one kind soul that I would really like to thank.  I've heard of his name, read his work for many, many, many years before I actually see him in real person, shake his hand and finally beg him to just make me his protege in writing.  

Many people I know say 'create your own opportunity'.  And if you fail to do so, 'work harder'.  But I think this is just not true.  Sometimes, you do have to wait, for the right time and space.  

He, Dunstan Chan, has given me a chance.  And that is because I am at the right place meeting him at the right time.  I was never in town ever since I finished my secondary school education.  We may be doing similar things (writing, diving, educating), but our world are just two rails that are yet to cross.  

I like to think that if we can represent our lives with a continuous line, we cross path with people we meet at the right time and the right place.  If we don't, it just means that the time has yet to come.  That is how I feel about people that I meet in my life, those left, those staying; eventually we still have to part our ways and say goodbye, only to realize that maybe one day we will cross each others' paths once more in a different place, a different time.