So what, my boy kissed a girl?


6 year old suspended for kissing girlI met this father while chilling out with a girl friend in a bistro.  So, we had a little chat and after he found out that I'm actually the Disciplinary teacher in my school, he wanted to know my opinion on what had happened to his son.  

He told me that his son was caught kissing a girl (minor) outside school compound, and the school called to inform him about the son's 'misbehaviour'.  This father apparently did not think that his son had done anything wrong.  He told me he laughed the moment The Principal finished the 'accusation', and he questioned The Principal back, "What's wrong with that?  I was kissing a girl at his age. And I'm so glad he kissed a girl, not a boy.  Besides, my son is a minor himself!"  He was not very happy that his boy got a two weeks suspension from school because of this incident.  Apparently, he had no clue that in Colorado, a six year old was suspended for kissing a girl ON HER HAND.  Yea, you read me right. 

And so I told this father that if today I meet his boy in this bistro or anywhere outside the school, I probably will tease the boy a little bit.  But if in school, and if I were to act as a Disciplinary teacher that would be a different story.  In my opinion, two weeks suspension for kissing is probably quite a heavy punishment.  Of course, I won't tell the father that maybe there were something else the kid did and he did not tell the whole story.  The child was punished because of something that he did is not acceptable to the 'norm', in this case, the school.  If the school has laid out school rules to forbid them to kiss, regardless a boy or a girl, either in or out of school; then as a teacher, I say the child is guilty as charged because he failed to follow the school rule.  

I also told that father that in case he didn't know, he would be 'labelled' as a 'difficult parent' by the school administrators and teachers.  He was actually surprised, and it just got me thinking that maybe all those parents that stormed into our office and started to bark at teachers really had no clue that their actions were actually putting their own children's education at stake.  I told the father, when teachers are warned off like that, normally the children may just be put in 'cold storage'.  Who wants to risk having the parents blaming the teachers or waving them off again?  These are not their own children, note even remotely related to them.

My opinion,  think first before you defiantly questioned the school or the teachers back about your children's misbehaviours. 



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