Conservation of Water


Conservation of Water



Water pollution is a problem that is affecting the global community.  To solve this problem, water conservation is necessary.  Water conservation can be defined as the perservation and the careful management of earth’s natural water resources.

Water scarcity is the main reason we need to conserve water.  Water scarcity means the lacking of fresh water resources.  Though 70% of the earth is covered with water, 97% of  the earth water is salt water.  In fact, out of the 3% of freshwater in the whole world, only 1% of water is suitable for drinking while the other 2% is frozen in ice caps and glaciers.  The rate of water scarcity is going to elevate if we do not start to conserve water now.

One of the side effects of water scarcity is the cause of waterborne disease.  Contaminated fresh water that contains pathogenic microorganisms transmit some of the deadly diseases like salmonellosis and cholera. The number of people who suffer from waterborne disease is increasing.  Everyday around the globe, nearly 4000 children die from drinking filthy water.

There are many ways for us to conserve water.  We can make a difference with the action as simple as making sure the water tape is not dripping.  We can save water by turning off the water tape when we are brushing our teeth.  We can rinse our hands or razors in a filled sink rather than under running water.  Besides, cultivate the habit of doing the laundry when there is only a full load.

People had been working on the solution for water scarcity for years.  Water reclying is the process of reusing treated wastewater for valuable, non-drinking purposes such as watering lawns or golf courses, industrial process and toilet flushing.  One of the examples is Starbucks that uses recycle water in their toilets.  By recycling water, we could save a great deal of energy and lower the cost of water bills.

In short, water is the most important element on earth that keeps all living creature alive.  We should cultivate the virtue of modesty, in addition to help preserve the most precious gift from God.

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