FREE eLesson app Giveaway


Hear ye, hear ye, FREE app giveaway!

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After 4 months of stressful nights, the simple iOS app to help you reduce your lesson planning time (I hope) has finally been approved and available in App Store.  Download it for FREE.  I don’t include any tier sell, so it’s going to be free forever, I guess.

It is definitely a sense of achievement, though I have helps and supports from some people that are really friends.

The app is fairly straightforward, just download it from the App Store.  Yea, it is for iPhone only (from 4 or 4S onwards.  I think it runs in 3 too, but maybe you will find the screen too small).  I don’t know Android’s SDK and I think I don’t intend to venture into that.  I’ll just concentrate on Objective-C, and maybe upskill a little to Swift.

You need to set up your email if you want to “export” the lesson plans.  But if you have been using your phone for a while and sending/receiving emails, then you don’t have to do anything.  The app will link it up.  When I say “export”, it also means sharing with your colleagues, or sending it to your cloud storage, or enable you to print it out in hard copies.

You can save the lesson plans you’ve created in your phone.

I’ve put in some contents, so what you need to do is just scroll the picker and pick the information you want.  Alternatively, you can type in what you want too.  You can still edit it after you “export” it, I did not convert the plans into pdf.  One of the struggles as well when I was designing.  In the end, I think I’ll just leave it as it is, because that give the users more flexibility.

Do leave comments and questions.  I’ll try to attend to them asap.

Hope to come up with some more apps that can ease more of your pains.