Get Well Soon


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One of the perks of being a teacher is that, you will be definitely be missed if you are absent.  No, I'm not referring to your students, I'm referring to your colleagues.  Let's not talk about how many friends you have that are anxious the moment they know you are not around for the day, your colleagues definitely miss you because they need to relieve your classes for the day.  cheeky

I was chasing after my friend the night before in my 3 inches wedges.  And, frankly I'm no runway material.  I think I missed a step and was trying really hard to regain my balance.  No one was at the car park, except a lady sitting in a passenger side of the car in front of me.  I continued to dash towards her direction in the most awkward position and finally landed on my right side, scratching myself from the thigh to the forearm.  

For a moment I felt my lungs were out of air.  I managed to stand up and walked in front of my friend's car which was just leaving.  I was bleeding profusely from my elbow and my palm.  Needless to say the pain.  A little embarrassed when the doctor asked me what happened.  I said I walked and I tripped.  It was pretty bad, so I was given two days' leaves.  

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And the moment the school starts, I received messages from my eager students.  I guess they are really looking forward to the activity I briefed them about.  Though so, I want to think they miss me too. Just to indulge in some narcissism that I'm welcomed and missed by those innocent souls. Well, little boys and girls, I guess I just have to disappoint you this time.  See you Wednesday.