Hot Spring Dip On A Hot Sunny Day


553034_10151553096933464_1901814637_n4Yep, you read me right.  A hot spring dip on a hot sunny day.  Now, I haven't been an avid fan of a hot spring dip, mainly because the weather here in Malaysia is so hot.  I only like cold shower and cold Jacuzzi ~

My first hot spring experience was a dip in Baden-baden, Germany during winter.  Then the second time another hot spring dip in the winter at Taipei, Taiwan with all the ladies stripped naked.  Overwhelmed at first, but ended up telling my friends that I saw all "shapes and sizes" 😛

So, it only makes sense to me that to take a hot spring dip during a very cold winter day, when you can't afford to strip yourself bare in the icy cold bathroom.

Then, my friend corrected me.

"This is medicated dip."  Er.. what?  So the tale came back as this native guy discovered a "stream" of hot spring here in Kuching, East Malaysia.  However, he doesn't have much money to develop this place.  It is claimed that people actually got healed (of all kinds of diseases, well …) after they went for a dip in Panchor Dayak Hot Spring.

The tale is so miraculous that my mum showed great interest to go, in order to treat her skin problem (she has sensitive skin).  As a filial daughter I had no choice to say no.  So on a very hot day (I'm still quite puzzled now as why we picked that day), we set out to a hot spring dip adventure.

The place is "quite" difficult to find, even for us from Kuching.  Mainly because that place is some 40 kilometres away from town.  GPS doesn't work, because my phone connection dropped to ° after we turned into the junction from the main road.  And my friend's daughter's friend's instruction was like, "Drive another few minutes after Tapah (a small town) … " It was so not me.  But my friend was driving so I didn't dare to complain.

Anyway, we finally found the sign board.  It was tucked away deep in the long and winding, narrow road.  If you come for the first time, do drive slowly so that you don't miss it.  We actually stopped at a factory to ask for direction.

The place is actually a fenced up hot water pool.  Too small for swimming.  Open car park, plank wood walkway, some changing rooms, BBQ stall that sells chicken wings and some drinks.

You have to pay a minimal fee to get in, RM3 for adult and RM1 for kids.

The whole hot water pool is separated to 4 main areas.  The one nearest to the entrace with a small fence up spot in the middle of the pool being the hottest.  And there are different spots too.  That's why it flows into a stream.  

I tested the water by putting in my leg, and that was it.  I can't go any further than that, not on a hot sunny afternoon.  So me and my friend ended up sitting on the bench and munched away all the food we brought along. 😛

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