How to be Happy?


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Hi, are you happy? It doesn’t seem to be a very difficult question to answer right? I am happy. But what I want to share with you today is not about whether you are happy or not, but rather how can you be happy. But, happiness is so relative, so subjective. How does one measure happiness? Here, let me give you a formula to measure your happiness – the ‘A’, the ‘B’ and the ‘C’.

Authenticity, Busy, and Creativity

In order to be happy, first rule of thumb, be authentic. Let me ask you a question, which will make you feel happier, wearing a top grade imitated Prada or wearing a genuine Prada? You see, there is a reason why we want to purchase genuine goods, at all cost. Same goes to us. We have to be real, be ourselves, be authentic.  Be comfortable in our skins in order to be happy. More often than not, we live according to other’s expectation of us.  we put others’ priority before us.  All in the name of being accepted, we try to fit in and try to please.  there are too much suppression and self denial, we can never really be happy.  I think it is less important what others think or see of you. What others tell you an only serve as a reference point. No one can live your life or know yourself better than you do.  I have come a long way to learn that instead of being broken just because of some little negative comments or being disheartened due to rejection, I need to have a stand. And in order to do that I need to know myself well, inside out and accept who I am.  We may not be perfect but we are genuinely unique.

Secondly, to be happy, we need to get busy. I always believe that if our lives are stagnant, there can’t be much happiness. Maybe you get all the tranquility that you want, but it does not make up to happiness. This is because when we get busy, we inevitably have to cross path with others, achieve something, make a milestones, there will always be something worth celebrating and celebrations always come together with happiness. I consider myself a fairly busy person in my career. My colleagues always respond with, “Oh, you are single, we can’t have that kind of time.” Besides teaching, I fill up my time with web designing, authoring, toastmastering, scuba diving, traveling, and volunteering. Each one of these activities add spices to my life. For example, when I see that the web traffic increasing on the statistic, it makes me happy. When I see my name printed on the published workbook, it makes me happy. When I finish all these speeches and am awarded a CC, it makes me happy. When I see 7 huge hump heads underwater, it makes me happy. When I see Mona Lisa and Eiffel tower, it makes me happy.

And, to be happy, add in a dash of creativity into lives. That said, I’m not asking you to be eccentric. Now forgive me, but it seems like a lot of people out there are not able to decipher what creativity means. It is really a fine line between creativity and eccentricity, like being sexy or being slutty. Creativity is when something new with some subjective value is created. Note that subjective value doesn’t mean that anything is acceptable. We are social animals, whatever it is we are still bound to the social norm, unless you are living on an island. I myself do not think I’m very creative except for those eureka moments. But friends around me acknowledge that I do think outside the box most of time. For example, teaching English is boring. So I bring my students to Facebook group and conduct literature lessons via Skype. And if life is boring, I bring myself to that Utopia I write. If attending toastmasters meeting is boring, then I form a Gavel Club that collaborates with teachers from various school. And if swimming is boring, I go diving and swim with sharks.

I’m sure with this simple and straightforward formula, you are able to find happiness. Your life will be so colourful that it will never be the same.  You will find achievements and contentment. A contented heart is almost always happy.  So, the ‘A’, the ‘B’ and the ‘C’, I dare you.