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I have an uncle who is a self taught artist and has been painting and shooting marvelous pictures for more than 30 years.  He is essentially my very first art Guru, when my mum sent me and my sister to his art class.  He asked us to draw a straight line, freehand and decided that I 'do' have some talents.


Anyway, I was there just to prepare for my SRP (oops, have I let any cats out of the bag?) Art paper.  And of course I got an brilliant 'A'.  That 'A' did boost some of my confidence and reassurance that I belong to the art stream.  Nonetheless, it was quite a sad story that I had to remain in the pure science stream up to my Form 6.  


I have always love to paint, and I like to look at things ~ just looking at them from different angles.  Then I like to have my pictures taken until I finally can't twist to that perfect angle or hide any bulges.  I once had a pen pal, a journalist, who taught me a little novice photography.  He used a manual Nikon.  So does my uncle.  That's why I have always wanted a Nikon, never a Canon.


I finally made up my mind for that Nikon, D3200.  At a discounted price of course.  There're plenty of 'promotions' all year round. 😀 (Just to console myself a little bit).  It costs RM2099, with a 8G high speed memory card.  I topped up another RM160 for an UV filter for the lens.  And, that's it.


I thought I like what Ken Rockwell says,

It's not about your camera.

It's not about my camera.

It's all about you.

It's all about our ability to see.

It's all about our ability to new things, and to see old things in new ways.

It's all about our vision. It's never about your camera.

And I thought there are similarities between painting and photoshooting.  The ability to see things.  


This is my first photo taken with a manual adjust for that talisman that hung in my boyfriend's car.  Worn but packed with prayers.  And of course, there will be more to come.  Maybe I'll get better exercises, cause I reallly have to go out there and explore to take better pictures.





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