It is better to be a member of a large family


Genre:  Persuasive (Debate)

Title:  You are a speaker in a debating team.  The topic is ‘It is better to be a member of a large family’.

A very good morning to the honorable judges, worthy time keeper, my respected opposition team, and members of the floor.  As the first speaker of my team, I wish to defend our stand that “It is better to be a member of a large family”.

Fist of all, allow me to define our notion today.  A family is the basic unit that makes up our society.  It usually consists of a father, a mother and a child.  Such family is small and is also known as nucleus family.  In order to be recognized as a large family, the number of children must be at least four or more.  It also essentially means that children from large families have significantly more siblings than those from small families.

There are many reasons why it is better to be a member of a large family.  We strongly believe that being a member of a large family, children learn positive lessons, not only from their parents but also their siblings.  It is fact that parents are often the role models that shape a child’s personalities and characteristics.  In a large family, this responsibility is not solely on the parents alone.  Elder siblings can often act as facilitator and guidance as well.

Most importantly, children in a large family are more disciplined and cooperative.  Needless to say, there would be chaos and rowdiness in the family if house rules are not set when four or more children present.  Thus, it is a must for these children to abide to the house rules and follow instructions.  Being a member of a large family is not a depiction of military training with the parents blowing whistles, and the elder siblings armed with whips.  Children often learn how to share and care for each other, from basic daily needs like food and clothes to household chores.

Children of a large family are often happier too.  This is because apart from their parents they have more people to talk to.  They need not feel bored or lonely just because both of their parents are working and have no time to attend to their emotional needs.  Their siblings are always there to lend a hand during times of trouble, and share their joy during good times.  Having more siblings also means having diversified ideas to solve problems and various fun activities due to different interests.

Our respected opposition team has mentioned earlier on that being a member of a large family is bad for the development of a child, as he or she would be lack of parental control.  This is untrue.  I wish to rebut this naïve statement by pointing out that elder siblings can assist their parents in monitoring their younger siblings behaviour.  If children of large family are constantly following instructions and orders from their parents and elder siblings, how could they possibly be indispline and create social problems.  In fact, this is the typical scenario of children from small family where they often go astray when their working parents are unable to be there when they needed them.

I would like to reinstate that it is indeed better to be a member of a large family because children from a large family are more disciplined and they learn how to share and care.  With this, I raise my case.  Thank you.