One of the things of becoming a teacher is that your students tend to hunt you down. Some stalk you, some trace you, and the milder ones follow you. Half of my friend’s list in FB represent my ex-students. So when one of them knows that I’m visiting London, we met up. These two young girls have planned their trip to Dublin, Paris and some other places in Europe. And they told me they are going to a Lavender field – Mayfield Lavender in Surrey, about 15 miles away from Central London.
I’ve planned to get some lavender potpourri or just some lavender essential oil. I truly love the sweet overtone of Lavender underlining a hint of mint. When she showed me the picture of the lavender field, I think it must be great because it makes me think of Provence, France.
So, I boarded the tube to the Lavender farm.  The farm is quite tucked away.  But every local resident seems to know exactly what a stranger is up to.  When I reached there, I just couldn’t stop snapping pictures.  I do feel alone for a moment for it is a perfect romance getaway for two.  A great place for photography too.


At the end of my tour, I saw this at the counter. I think it tugs at my heart a little.


If I ever come to rely solely on earning my living through writing one day, I want to sit in a Lavender farm and write. It’s a sea of lilac and violet, with sweet undertone that fills the air. Bumble bees and ladybirds are mesmerised in it. And so am I.

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