Coffee Perks

On the 5th May, 2013 I gave my last and final speech in the Competent Communicator's Series.  And I chose to talk about my favourite coffee. ūüôā


What wakes you up every morning? A kiss on the forehead by your loved ones? Your blaring alarm? Your kids crying? Or Continue reading

How to be Happy?

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[CC Project 10]

Hi, are you happy? It doesn’t seem to be a very difficult question to answer right? I am happy. But what I want to share with you today is not about whether you are happy or not, but rather how can you be happy. … Continue reading

The Leap of Faith

I have joined the Toastmaster’s on 21 March 2011, due to a courteous invitation from an affiliate. ¬†Anyway, Toastmasters International has always fascinated me by keeping me wondering what are these people actually doing? ¬†Proposing a toast? ¬†During every meeting? ¬†Learn how to propose a toast? ¬† ¬†I did get my

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