“We Have Different Sex”


I like to share real life English abuse.  They are all so genuine and hilarious at times.  I always try to figure out what is the reason behind a particular abuse so that, I can quote the examples again and again in my future lessons.  Don't be surprised.  Year in … Continue reading

Air Pollution

Genre:  Factual

Level:  Lower secondary

Air pollution is a common issue in the modern world. Air pollution affects people from all over the world. Air pollution happens when air quality is compromised. Air quality is normally measured using API (Air Pollution Index). The lower the number, the cleaner the air.… Continue reading


To set up a group in Facebook, it is really a piece of cake. What you need to know probably is when do you need to set up a group and when a page.

Now, a page is very general and open to everyone. You can set up a page … Continue reading

About ‘Guru Cemerlang’

Frankly speaking I have never targeted to be a ‘Guru Cemerlang’, not until I went to further my studies and realize that I am losing out in my seniority when I was promoted to the graduate scale.  Also there are a lot of friends and colleagues that encourage me to … Continue reading

True Wealth

Genre:  Narrative

Title:  Write a story beginning with: “In my haste, I disregarded everything else…”

In my haste, I disregarded everything else and decided to follow him upstairs.  I lifted my right foot and as I set it down, the ancient plank creaked beneath.  I looked up and gazed into … Continue reading