How Do I Love Thee


How do I love thee, my sweet


Ego.  You let me push you to the edge of breaking down.

Selfish.  You choose to give me all the goodness in life.

Stubborn.  You obediently follow all my silly instructions.

Rentless.  You wait in tranquility and be still.

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The Dawning

Mandy heard the alarm, stretched out her arm and turned it off.  The alarm clock sat still on the side table, in complete mute, ticking away, as if protesting that its obligation being cut short.  Mandy snugged deeper into her two-ply blanket.

I hate to go to work.

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True Wealth

Genre:  Narrative

Title:  Write a story beginning with: “In my haste, I disregarded everything else…”

In my haste, I disregarded everything else and decided to follow him upstairs.  I lifted my right foot and as I set it down, the ancient plank creaked beneath.  I looked up and gazed into … Continue reading

Preservation of Our Environment

Preservation of Our Environment



The main issue that concerns every inhabitants of the earth today is the preservation of our environment.  Our environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate.  Our oceans are being polluted by the waste that we dump into it.  The earth is losing its greenary … Continue reading

Conservation of Water

Conservation of Water



Water pollution is a problem that is affecting the global community.  To solve this problem, water conservation is necessary.  Water conservation can be defined as the perservation and the careful management of earth’s natural water resources.

Water scarcity is the main reason we need to … Continue reading