MyTeksi and Uber


I’ve heard of MyTeksi and Uber as early as a year ago.  However, when I installed the apps, there aren’t any taxis around to pick me up; not in Kuching, neither around Kota Kinabalu.

Last week, when I was in the university campus, me and my friends decided to take a break at a nearby shopping mall.  I refused to take a city bus with her because she lost her way earlier on that morning and came for the briefing late.  I suggested we both took a taxi as I was quite eager to finally put the apps to test.

Initially, I used MyTeksi.  Somehow, MyTeksi just gave me a more economical feel.  We requested for a taxi, seeing that there were about 200+ taxis around the area, all within 5-10 minutes time frame.  To my surprise, my request was rejected thrice, yep, you read right, THRICE!  Another friend of ours who had been in Kuala Lumpur for more than a year finally commented.  She said nowadays we have to offer some tips when requesting a ride via MyTeksi.  Me and my friend didn’t favour the suggestion for Malaysians are ranked the worse consumers, guilty as charged.  I said I will try Uber (pronounced as “ooooo-ber”  not “you-ber”).

I wasn’t familiar with Uber, so when the screen popped up, I chose ‘black’.  I do comprehend the word “LUX” and “uberX” wasn’t available for the pick up point I’ve chosen.  There was a display of the fare or maybe there wasn’t, I can’t recall.  But I did remember earlier on, a food blogger made a call to have people key in his promo code so that he could earn some balance for a free ride in Uber.  So I used his code and I was awarded RM15, not RM30 like what he’d claimed.  Anyway, something is always better than nothing.  Our ride was about RM12, so we got the ride for free with a Kia K5.  Our driver, Devon was really courteous, and he even offered mineral water for his passengers.

I told him it was my first time using the app, and I asked him about payment, the limitation of using promo code, availability, and on the matter of becoming an Uber driver.  I had to add in another payment method on top of Paypal for my ride.  He also told me that though Uber is worldwide, it is only currently available in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, with Penang coming up next month.

On our way back for the afternoon session, I got my friend to install Uber and used my promo code instead.  This time a Teana came.  The funny thing was we had to pay RM22 at the end of the trip (still a “black”), with my friend claiming my RM15.  I still can’t figure out why.  It would only mean that our trip back to the campus from the shopping mall (same trip that I paid RM12) was priced at RM37.

Anyway, I have a balance of RM18 in my Uber account, and I will continue to use Uber.  Don’t ask me why I’m not willing to pay tips but willing to pay more and wait longer for the Uber taxis, I don’t have an answer for you.  Here is my promo code for you to get RM15, and me RM15 upon your use of the RM15 – FAITHW87.  Win-win, according to Uber. Cheers.