New Literature Cycle (SPM 2205)


[Update 15.12.2015] The author Chua Kok Yee will be meeting me 2nd January 2016 (11am) at Silverfish Book, Bangsar Village 2.  Join us if you can.

[Update 2.12.2015]  I got the novel “The Lost King”, Scot Gardner from Popular in Paradigm Mall.

[Update 30.11.15] Thanks to information from my blog follower, 张炳强, that you can get the novel “The Clay Marble” and “Anthology of Short stories” from Popular bookstores nationwide at RM30.50 and RM28.50.

The new literature cycle applies to exam candidates from 2016 onwards.  I just got the new literature cycle list, but have yet to get the texts.  Will update once I’ve gotten the relevant materials.  The syllabus specification has not been updated yet in the MOE website.  I will upload the syllabus specification once I get hold of it.

Anthology of Short Stories – Form 4 & 5
– Embracing Your Shadow by Chua Kok Yee
– Thieving Daughter by Chua Kok Yee
– Sambal Without Anchovies by Chua Kok Yee
– Turning Thirty by Minfong Ho
– Birds of Paradise by Minfong Ho
– The Winter Hibiscus by Minfong Ho

The Clay Marble by Minfong Ho
-The Lost King by Scot Gardner

-The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare
-The Play of FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON (by Daniel Keyes) adapted by Bert Coules
-Hope Springs by Richard Conlon

from Poems Then And Now by Fiona Waters
Theme: Lessons in Life
1.  Scattering the Ashes – Andrew Fusek Peters
2.  RememberChristina Rosetti
3.  A Little Learning – Alexander Pope
4.  If Rudyard Kipling
5.  Half-Term –  U A Fanthorpe
6.  London – William Blake
Theme: Nature
7.  The Tyger – William Blake
8.  Mooses – Ted Hughes
9.  To Autumn – John Keats
10. Winter – Andrew Young
11. Daffodils – William Wordsworth
12. Address to a Child During a Boisterous Winter Evening – Dorothy Wordsworth
 Theme: People
13. The Passionate Shepherd to His Love – Christopher Marlowe
14. Best Bone – Paul Hyland
15. When You Are Old – WB Yeats
16. The Little Black Boy – William Blake
17. Field of Vision – Seamus Heaney
18. Miners – Wilfred Owen