Preservation of Our Environment


Preservation of Our Environment



The main issue that concerns every inhabitants of the earth today is the preservation of our environment.  Our environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate.  Our oceans are being polluted by the waste that we dump into it.  The earth is losing its greenary due to rapid urban development. The burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of forests have led to the greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse effect is a term used to address the rising temperature worldwide.  When forests are cut down to make way for urban development, we lose trees that change carbon dioxide into oxygen.  With the growing number of vehicles, we burn more fossil fuels each day.  As we know, the burning of fossil fuels will result in the emission of greenhouse gases.

These greenhouse gases remain in the atmosphere as there are not enough trees to convert them into useful oxygen.  Eventually, these gases blanket the earth and prevent heat from the earth to escape to the atmosphere.  Subsequently, the earth gets hotter and hotter each day.

Greenhouse effect affects the earth in many ways.  First of all, the polar ice caps will melt due to the rising temperature.  Inhabitants like polar bears and penguins lose their habitat and face the danger of being extinct.

Another obvious effect is the raising sea level.  When the polar ice caps melt, the volume of the oceans increases.  This causes many low land, beaches and coastal areas to disappear under water.  It is estimated that by 2032, Venice will sink 3 inches due to the rising sea level.

What we can do to help curb this issue is to minimize the burning of fossil fuels.  We can car pool and use more public transport.  Deforestration due to urbanization is inevitable, but we can help by replanting trees.

All in all, there is a lot that we can achieve if we work together for the benefit of the whole planet earth.  In order to fight environmental issue like greenhouse effect, small things like recycling and discourage dumping can go a long way.  Let us start from ourselves today.

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