Revenge Is Sweet



The story begins with a boy and a girl, both 13 years old, classmates.  Their class has been labelled as "chaotic and rowdy" 3 months into the new school year.  These are students that join the secondary school for the first year.  Most of them may, or may not experience a slight dizziness of the process of coming of age.  They probably think the school environment has changed, they have grown up – a little bit bigger and stronger but definitely not wiser.

The boy has launched a series of verbal assaults to the girl, beginning with harmless teasing to serious accusation when the girl retaliates by calling him names. None of these were reported to the teachers. However, it doesn't mean that the girl is going to just let the boy off the hook easily. So she threatened the boy, saying that she knows people outside the school that can break his arm, his leg or maybe his neck.

The boy has only got words.  In his anger, he had decided to mix a concoction of whiskey, food colouring and sand.He emptied the bottle's content into the girl's school bag, then gathered another 2 girls from a year senior to report to the teacher that someone is drinking in the school.  They acted like a squad of armed forces, marching into the classroom trying to retain the 'criminal' in order to hand her over to the teacher. I bumped into them several weeks ago, so I stopped them and said the teachers will investigate and take over from there.

The story did not stop there.  The girl being humiliated was so furious, she asked for her uncle's help.  Her uncle has been always very protective of the niece, said the girl's mother when we called her in after her brother gathered another 10 to 15 members, waiting for the boy outside the school and whacked him up.  The gang had barged into the school; threatened to beat up all the security guards, teachers or any individuals that dare to stop them.

But, of course they were stopped in the end.  Policemen were called.  Me and another discipline teacher, plus two prefects round them up and forcing the leader to run directly into his sister.  The climax was that the 'uncle' is actually a 15 year old boy from another school.  On that particular afternoon, he had gathered his friends, skipped school and came over to the niece's school to avenge her.  What they didn't know was probably that each school keeps in touch with one another, and this kind of case is normally reported to the district level office.  Students involved in this type of cases can be sent to juvenile court.

The boy's mother came to school after we informed her.  Instead of placing a charge against the gang, she screwed her son up in front of the girl, her mother and the gang.  The school tried our best to convince her to place charges, and it makes us sound like we are the fire stones.  This is because if anything happens to her son outside the school, nothing can protect him if there is no official records.  The choice is hers, with due respect, we sent off the gang to let their own school deals with them and called the case off.

I was left bewildered and dizzy by the fact that what 13 years old, 15 years old do nowadays.  The fact that the 15 years old barging into our school shows that he has no respect at all for a system.  What have we feed them all these years?  As an educator, this is just plainly, gravely disappointing.  To build holistic human capitals, our National Educational Philosophy.  I think we are still far away ~


Updated on 29th June, 2014

The said boy has been expelled due to multiple offenses in school.