Teaching is an absurd profession practised by desperate failures


Teaching is an absurd profession practised by desperate failures

Went and watched “The Rewrite” by Hugh Grant with a friend, someone that appreciates Brit humours. I’ve always like Hugh Grant, and I truly like the story “The Rewrite”. While it may be about believing and picking up where you’ve left behind, I am attracted to the story line mainly because it is about ‘teaching’.
Hugh Grant plays a once-Oscar-screenwriter, Keith Michaels who are out of job. His agent thinks he might try to go and teach screenwriting in a ‘small’ town. He who sneers at ‘teaching’ has somehow found the true meaning of teaching after he has worked with 10 of his ‘handpicked’ students.

When I was watching the movie, I just thought this is how people in general, including me (initially), think of teaching. Just like what he says, “Teaching is an absurd profession practised by desperate failures.” Teaching is for the losers. But as the plot moves on, Hugh Grant finds himself ‘hooked’. He shares towards the end of the movie, how he tried to ‘teach’ a security officer at the air port how to write.

I don’t know those teachers that bear the noble mission in life, who are determined to be a great teacher. I only know that I have tried my very best to avoid this profession and that I have convinced myself that I will find every opportunity to get myself out of the system. Since I was only in the system because I needed funding to do tertiary study.

Fast forward 16 years, I find myself realising that probably I should continue to teach for I am a very curious person who wants a part in just about anything. I am constantly learning and I am willing to learn constantly. What greater purpose would I have if I don’t share this knowledge that I have acquired?

Many have thought that teaching is about educating others.  But, this is what I’ve experienced.  Teaching, is about self discovery.  You will never know how much patience and passion you have until you’ve taught.  The satisfaction truly does not come in monetary form alone.  Every time you see someone benefits from what you’ve taught, it makes you think that this world has hope.

Teaching challenges you to be on your toe, at all time.  In the movie, Hugh Grant was at the loss of words from Marisa Tomei‘s irrefutable question and Bella Heathcote‘s sharp accusation.  I do have those moments, because students could be quite unpredictable.  I have often wondered what do they store in those little brains of theirs beside Angry Birds, Dota, Pirate Kings and Candy Crush.  But, that is the fun of it.  It catches you off guard, sometimes make you fall flat on your face and you just have to seek a solution.  A great practice to ward off the dreadful Alzheimer.

Go watch this movie, whether you are a teacher or not.