Shades of Blue

My fourth competent communicator task is to give a speech that depicts vivid images.  I chose to talk about hues, particularly – blue.  Here is the script.
Shades of Blue

It’s always a thrill for me to attend Gala Night. Though it is also as painful especially when the guests have to dress according to pre-determined theme. Most of us here attended the recent District Toastmaster Convention in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The theme of the gala night is shades of blue.
I am so glad that the organizers determined it is shades of blue instead of just blue. It then gives us the yellow skins a better option. When we apply make up, we know that with different skin tone, different colours bring about different effects. Basically we can be categorized into two main skin tones, cool skin tones or warm skin tones. Skin tones are the blue or yellow shades of our skin, which can be seen when the skin is contrasted with white colour. Blue, as one of the primary colour, does not work that well with warm skin tones. This is because warm skin tones have more blue and yellow than cool skin tones. Therefore, when we add in more blue in the make up, or dress in blue, it is just going to unattractively distort the colour, to a very dull complexion.
I have warm skin tone, making me almost impossible to wear bright colour make up like blue. Fortunately, God is gracious, and our world is not in distinguish colours, but rather a continuum of shades. For blue, we have azure, turquoise, ultramarine, cyan, teal, sapphire, iris, indigo, periwinkle, baby blue, light blue, dark blue, cobalt blue, oxford blue, persian blue, midnight blue, take your pick. In the art class, we are always thought that different shades of colour correlates with different moods and emotions. For example, azure gives you the feeling of bliss, sapphire makes you feel elegant, persian blue brings a hint of mysterious from the far east, periwinkle soothes your mood like the smell of a lavender.
I have no interest in lighter shades such as azure, turqoise, cyan, teal or baby blue. Rather I like the darker shades. So, off I went to local departmental stores and boutiques to hunt for my gala night dress. There are all kinds of blue whispering into my ears whenever I passed them by, “Buy me, I’m going to make you shine.” Uh-uh. That’s hard sell. I look at the colour, I look at the price; I put them on, I took them off. Finally I choose one cobalt blue dress with a white lining and black hem. I thought I look quite fabulous in it, with a wide black belt. To create more optical illusion in fooling other guests that I’m at the slender side, I choose a pair of very black pantyhose. A pair of three inch high heels diverts some attention from the ‘width’ to the ‘height’. For jewellery, I always believe, less is more. Thus, I only have my gold necklace that I never took off since 24 with me, plus my 8 years old Rado watch.
The more difficult part is actually the make up. Like I have mentioned before, I have warm skin tones. Blue can only look nice on cool warm skin tones, when the colour blends in effortlessly, illuminating the face naturally rather than create an inharmonious sight. Besides thanking God for the wide range of available colours, I have to thank the one that creates BB cream. First off, BB cream is a better applicator than foundation. For once in my life, I do not have to sit at the makeup counter, having the salesgirl testing out which foundation match my skin better. Let alone, finding a premier that matte or illuminate the skin. BB cream has the ability to automatically adjust the brightness of a skin tone. I have no idea on the science behind it, but I am always satisfied with the outcome.
So, to perpare myself for a very blue make-up, I used a lighter shade of BB cream, adding plenty of white into my initial skin tone. After the application, my face is now a very clean white canvas to work on. I can apply any shades of blue and they can appear natural and form a pleasing whole. In fact, I don’t know about make up skills, what I did was just to apply a midnight blue eyeliner, plus a cobalt blue eye shadow. As my intention was to draw attention to my eyes makeup, I applied nude lipgloss and gave up on blushers. Don’t mention that I did have the idea of using blue lipstick or paint my dargon tattoo here blue popping up in my head.
On the gala night, I saw a sea of blue. Some did not dress in blue or use any blue shades on their faces, but rather, wore a piece of jewellery that was blue in colour. However, these guests did not stand out actually, as the whole ballroom was submerged in tranquill azure. The table cloths were cobalt blue. The balloons were sapphire like. The blue downlight just drowned everyone in a shade of blue.
Well the gala night turned out to be a very soothing shade of blue, with all the prizes and awards presented. I guess the recognition managed to chase away whatever blue that anyone may be experiencing. Blue, maybe a difficult shade to handle, but given the right attitude and finding the appropriate match, it can be as exciting as the fiery red. So, if you feel your Monday blues, go ahead, match it with a positive attitude and some white lies maybe, to create a balance and harmonious whole. Or, better still, take a different shade of blue and be gorgeous, tranquil, elegant or even mysterious. Take the leap, wear blue, on a Monday.