Weight Loss: Watch Out The Gimmicks


Weight Loss:  Watch Out The Gimmicks



Lately, it is observed that vast amount of instant weight loss programmes have been publicized in the media.  The public is constantly being bombarded with attractive packages such as “looking slim in 7 days”, “lose 10 pounds over the week”, and “lose a total of 8 inches in two weeks”.  These advertisements have increased significantly over the past decade, where people are becoming more conscious of self image.  Thus, many fall for the gimmicks and it is said that weight loss industry is the fastest money making industry in the 21st century.  Nonetheless, what is not highlighted in these advertisements is that instant weight loss is often harmful and detrimental to one’s health, and in serious cases, deadly.

Looking slim and slender seems to be the current trend.  In fact, it whoops up an issue in the fashion industry where the public is constantly been fed with the idea of fitting into a size “0” equals ultimate fairness.  Models and television personalities are the vanity icons for the public.  Their slender bodies, more often than not, slightly underweight, make them the focus on the run way.  Many are trapped with this wrong concept that eventually leads to eating disorders such as aneroxia nervosa, bulimia and binge eating.  In order to stay thin, it is no longer apt to say one “eats like a bird” as some people take drastic measures such as starving themselves that eventually upsets the body.

The public must be made aware that drastic weight loss is, in fact harmful to our health.  Without food or practicing imbalanced diet puts the bodies at “starvation” mode all the time.  In order to maintain the minimal functions of the body, the body will burn muscles instead of fat.  Long term starvation upsets the body system and may lead to nausea, imbalanced electrolyte, depression, and stress.

Hence, the best way to lose weight is not through starving or the use of drugs, but the natural way.  If the public take the trouble to analyze the cause of obesity, it is often true that low self-discipline and lack of self-control when craving for delicacies are the main culprits.  Eating sensibly and not overeat even when facing the most delicious food are the best strategy to cut down calorie intake.  High calorie intake will only turn food into fat that increases body mass if it is not burned off through vigorous exercise.  Thus, regular exercise is also essential as body fat is burned the natural way.  In addition to daily routines, exercises such as jogging, swimming, playing badminton, cycling and dancing not only help to burn fat but also keeping one’s body fit.

Weight loss must be for health reasons rather than for physical appearance.  This is because obesity is often related to chronic diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes.  Excessive body fat and body mass narrow the blood vessels and suffocate the intestinal organs.  One’s health should not be determined by body mass alone but rather the Body Mass Index.  Normal BMI falls within the range of 20 – 25; with BMI less than 20 is considered underweight and above 25, obese.

In conclusion, the public should change their mindset, shifting paradigms on the concept of staying healthy and maintaining body shapes simultaneously.  Start leading healthy lives and put a halt to dangerous act of instant weight loss.  Stop wasting money in supporting weight loss gimmicks too.  Stay slim the healthy way.

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  1. Kong says:

    Want a super cheap & effective way to reduce weight in 7 days? Go take plenty of laxative and diuretic and you will be a few kilogram lighter in no time. But I didn’t say it is good for you.

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